Bonnie Markel


About me:


      It all started when I was four years old.  I had a habit of changing my clothes at least five times a day -- I’d get bored with my look and want to mix things up.  For my mother it was a lot of laundry, for me it was a sense of self-expression.  Later in life, it would come full circle and I now find myself conceptualizing and styling for my editorial and commercial clients, not knowing the skills I learned at such an early age would help me put together looks that would tell a story or stir up emotions in a single image.

      I get my inspiration from the big world around me and the little world in front of me, my daughters, Eliza and Evangeline. I was born & bred in the south, educated in the deep south, received a BA in Graphic Design & Photography and was later adopted by Texas. I’ve got 15+ yrs under my belt and still love what I do.